Male hair stylist is an interesting and creative person. He is an expert in this field; known to dress hairs according to the latest fashion and personality of a person. They perform an important role like chemical treatment, scalp treatment, different cuts and styles to enhance the look of a client.

In the film and entertainment world, Male hair stylist plays a significant role to give a different look to an actor and actress. Male hair stylist decides the hair style according to the role or character of an artist playing in the film. He studies face structure before hair dressing and then decide mens hair style; to get prefect shape he uses different tools like combs, hairpins, scissors, and hair-waving solutions. In some beauty salons, barber gives different hair styles and looks, some hair stylist may have their self business, few works in hotels resort and government agencies.

Job Profile:

* Be punctual in your work and time

* Keep the budget in your mind; while ordering various tools required

* Discuss different mens hair hairstyles, dyes, bleaches, and tints with the MAKE-UP artist to decide the hair look

* Keep updating your knowledge regarding products and different services related to hairstyle profession to guide your clients

* Maintain cleanliness and always sterilize the equipment as bound by the law and the spa’s policies and procedures.

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