A few things you need to know about hair loss treatment in London

London is one of the major cities where the rate of hair loss problem is very high statistically. Alopecia commonly called baldness can be treated medically or surgically. There are many medicines, oils, shampoos, lotions and different herbal products are used to treat hair loss. When the problem is not cured by medicine then there is one ultimate solution for treating baldness is having a hair transplant surgery in London.

Male pattern baldness is ideally treated with the surgery. Before going for any treatment it is very important that you know the cause of hair loss and you discuss it with the doctor in the initial stages to get rid of it and get it cured. Sometimes the nature of hair loss is temporary and the hair re-growth starts after taking some medication. If the nature of hair loss is permanent then the solution is only surgery. Laser hair loss treatments are also getting very famous and producing excellent results. With the help of the specific laser beam that penetrated to the scalp helps reducing hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is different from female pattern baldness. In males, the hair loss starts with the receding of frontal hairline and gradually the hair falls from the top and sides of the head. This hair fall is permanent. In female pattern baldness the hair loss does not show up in the form of patches rather thinning of hair all over head is occurred. Hair restoration surgery works equally well for both men and women of any age. However, the surgery is not recommended until the hair fall matures.

Hence seeking patients are advised to make a personal survey of those clinics in London that offer the best service and standard hair transplant cost. It is very important that patients understand the different surgical techniques performed and how much it costs.

Before opting for hair restoration, seeking patients should look into the methods and techniques used for surgeries. Mainly there are 2 types: FUT and FUE procedures. Hair transplant costs are dependent on whichever type of procedure is performed on a patient. To put it in a short way, surgeries done using FUT uses strips of skin containing a set of hair follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp, whereas FUE technique uses individual grafts of hair follicles extracted from the donor zone of the patient. Prices are based according to the number of hair follicles harvested.
Hair transplant cost starts from £1,900 and increases according to the number of the hair follicles used.

Patients should know that as long as a surgeon has skilled hands, he or she can extract a good number of healthy hair follicles with precision and in such cases the problem of wastage or transection rate is minimal. However surgeons with little experience and unsure hands may end up damaging more than a few hair follicles which are often added into the price package thus making the patient incur loss of investment of both the hair transplant cost and donor hair, unjustly.
That is why seeking patients are induced to choose the hair transplant clinic very carefully. Make sure that while consulting, what the price packages. Clinics and its surgeons are bound to disclose every detail about the cost minutely and also discuss on the various aspects in a course of procedure of FUT or FUE that patients are regarded choose from.

All patients are entitled to getting a clear picture about what clinics say and what they perform. Surgeons often use difficult medical terms that might confuse the patients. Never shy away from asking what each and every medical term means. All surgeons are duty bound to explain everything as simply as possible.

It is advisable to consult as many clinics as possible to get a complete picture of a hair transplant surgery. Patients can choose more viable options confidently if they have a good knowledge about it. Another advantage is that patients will know which price package is realistic and which ones are exorbitantly high. Once they know what a realistic package sums up to, they will automatically omit those which are high.

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